computer and cup of coffee


Mobile view

Above the fold

view of the website above the fold

This is the first look at what the visitor sees on the site. There is a welcome comment and a navigation menu.


Next 50 Years footer with social media links

The footer has social media links, privacy, cookie, and accessibility links.



name that frog poll section on a website

Using the WP-Polls plugin I created a fun way to name the mascots in the logo.


friends header

I wanted to highlight the logo and since the client didn’t have much navigation it was alright to go with the larger size.

Frost Theme


homepage example for a frost theme website for a made-up camp business

WordPress Frost theme. Set up a camp website and changed the color variations to go along with the tent image. Add two CTA buttons

Social media template

social media example for a frost theme website for a made-up camp business, has social media links

The second homepage section has several links in a very clean and organized format.

Photo Portfolio

photo gallery with images of camping

The portfolio page was turned into a photo gallery of fun experiences at the camp. The gallery block was used to create the page.

Theme for Food Bloggers


Wordpress Fairy theme homepage example

WordPress Fairy Theme designed for a food blogger with recipes.


Wordpress Fairy theme header example

On the Fairy theme, the header is centered with a navigational menu underneath.

Recipe page

Wordpress Fairy theme recipe page example with a juicy burger and a sidebar

The page is set to content with a sidebar. Image and recipe of content side. Links to other recipes and ads in the sidebar.