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Since starting my journey into website design I have learned a lot. People are even amazed at what I know for the short time I have been learning code and building websites. Even though I know a lot I still don’t know as much as veteran developers and designers. 

When I get into a room and they start talking about HTML code, the GitHub repository, different page builders, this plugin, or that plugin I realize how much more I need to learn. You should see my Read Later bookmark folder. It is filled so after writing this, that is next on my list.

YES, there are so many things within the WordPress universe to learn.

YES, it is very overwhelming

I have learned for my own sanity and to reduce stress that I need to focus on one thing, maybe two, at a time. I want to keep a balance in my life because I like to do other things: crafting, baking, hanging out.

Accessibility Journey

I have been drawn to the work of making websites more accessible for users. I have noticed more and more the little things as I go to different sites and the issues they have. How? Why? What is that? come to mind as I try to navigate a site and get frustrated with the whole experience.

I have had the opportunity of attending meetups and workshops by people who have a passion for this topic and are willing to share their information. I so appreciate their knowledge and have enjoyed learning from them. I even got up the nerve to do a meetup presentation on what are a couple of easy things a beginner website builder can do to improve accessibility.

As I continue to learn and make my own website better. I want to pass on some of the resources I have learned about.


I could have kept going but no I wanted to make sure I didn’t overwhelm you. So start there and come back when you are ready.