I got the opportunity to help out a friend and create a fun website for a small-town friends of the library group. They had someone design the logo, and I was able to pull colors from the logo to create a color palette for the website.

I created a simple site that will be easy for them to manage and has the ability to grow and add extras as the group grows. The home page was designed to have all the information. It was essential to create a mobile responsive site with more and more people using their phones for communications.

I used WordPress 2023 theme which is a block editor theme. You can see on the home page that each of the topics is sectioned into blocks with a spacer between or padding/margin to help with spacing.

Check out the 2023 theme and have fun designing. There are a lot of fun tools being added in the upcoming months. https://wordpress.org/themes/twentytwentythree/